Sunday, August 23, 2009

Freestyle Fixed Tours Would Be Good For Sure

Photo by Kyoichi Ozaki

We are a legitimate sport now right?  As riders with events, sponsors, and some slight funding, we can give ourselves that much, right?  If this is so, why is there a lack of effort to push this thing, and when I say this I am not necessarily referring to the whole trick aspect of things; but more so the friendly growth of our community.  There are many ways that we can do this, through comps., group sessions, and just traveling in general, but why not get some tours and trips going?  This is the best way for people from all over to pull together, meat each other, shred, and just have fun times.

There is so much good that can come from road trips and things of that nature.  All those involved on the trip are pretty much bound to progress in their riding.   Photos and some minor coverage get all those who view them, pretty stoked. Edits or even complete videos could easily be put out, due to the insanity that would partner the trip, creating more material for the community to feed off of.  Feeding the fire of up an coming riders as well as anyone who is stoked to rip, in genreal.  A great example of this was the Fixed Gear London Eurotrip 09.           


There was talk of this tour for months before it happened, hyping the whole FSF community up to see some really sick riding.  Those guys didn't seem to let people down either.  From all of the edits that slowly began to surface, the photos that seeped onto our computer screens , and the gnarly FIXED mag article that followed there after, this trip added a whole new flavor to our sport.

There has been discussion about more trips and such amongst many of my fellow friends, those who would be super stoked to get a solid group of riders together and head out and just shred.  I know of some trips that are in the works.  Maybe WRAHW will put something together in the future.
Good times?  Yep, for sure.



  1. dude, that sounds like a solid idea. i mean seeing all these freestyle fixed teams/groups/buddies in taiwan, europe and japan tour the country hitting nothing but spots and setting up events makes me wonder why we dont see many statewise. pretty stoked to hear that one might go down!


  2. me and maybe two other kids are trying to take trip to phill then ny, can we sleep on your floor if it happens? it wont be till later this fall.

  3. yeah, that should be good man. Im in school though, so i dont know how that will pan out, but...